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No one else

No One Else
A Personal History of Outlawed Love and Sex

November 2015


"This searing memoir of a gay man from a country that criminalizes homosexuality is intertwined with a first-hand account of the struggle for basic human rights by gays as well as by women sex workers, two groups similarly outlawed in India. Dube unsparingly exposes a complex web of hypocrisy, corruption and brutality in this work of grave, vital importance."

"An extraordinary book that triumphs on many levels, personal and social … Above all, it is a sensual and passionate story about the search for love, the 'endless flowing river in the cave of man', that animates all our lives.”


Words Like Freedom
In the Land of Poverty

The Memoirs of an Indian Family, 1947-1997

This acclaimed study records history from the perspective of India’s poor

Published as Words Like Freedom: The Memoirs of an Impoverished Indian Family, 1947-1997 by HarperCollins in India, 1998.

A sequel and second edition will be published in 2016.

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"A deeply illuminating study of poverty in India, seen in concrete detail and made vividly real by remarkable descriptive skill.”
AMARTYA SEN, Nobel laureate in economics

"An extraordinary study of the human dimensions of poverty and development.”

"Ram Dass' stories are heartrending, despite the fact that neither he nor his transliterator seek to manipulate their audience; it is their simplicity that is so devastatingly effective."

"A sensitive, ideology-free analysis of the poor and their history...stands out for its boldness and narrative accuracy."

"A fine biography...[that will] leave an indelible mark on a reader’s conscience."

"Subaltern history at its best." SUNDAY

"Fully lives up to its promise of melding the voices of a single ‘Untouchable’ agricultural labourer family in a UP village with a broad analysis of India's political economy. This innovative approach [provides] insights into why acute and pervasive poverty has persisted in India despite decades of planning and moderately rapid economic growth on the one hand and a functioning parliamentary democracy and even a constitutional commitment to socialism on the other."
KRISHNA RAJ, Editor, The Economic and Political Weekly

"It is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand the perpetuation of poverty and inequality in the world's second largest country."
BETSY HARTMANN, co-author 'A Quiet Violence', author 'Reproductive Rights and Wrongs' and Director of the Population and Development Program, Hampshire College

“Sharp, convincing and absolutely to the point…deserves the widest possible commendation."
SUSAN RAM in Frontline.

"An important book that serves as a powerful antidote to much of the euphoria generated these days about the benefits of economic liberalisation. It deserves to be very widely read."
DARRYL D'MONTE in Humanscape

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Sex, Lies and AIDS
Sex, Lies and AIDS

"A lucid, compelling and indefatigably researched attempt to stem the tide of denial, prejudice, ineptitude and bigotry that characterize Indian attitudes and policies on AIDS."

"Impassioned and lucid analysis. This slim and clearly written volume should be mandatory reading for government officials, health workers and teachers throughout India."

"The real story of AIDS in India and why you should care. In chillingly simple terms portrays the horrors that will befall us if we don’t act soon."

“A deeply disturbing book…(written) with language and passion that leave you wrung out.”
DILIP D'SOUZA in Frontline

"Combines a sense of personal outrage, individual insights, meticulous research and documentation, and case histories of real ordinary citizens. The reports of the sexual biographies of a variety of ordinary citizens…invest this book with greater value than any dozen treatises on AIDS."

SUNEETHA KADIYALA and TONY BARNETT, Economic and Political Weekly

"A must-read for every Indian. Anyone worried about their own health or that of the nation simply cannot afford to give it a miss. It lays to rest too many myths for that."

"Want to know about AIDS but didn't know whom to ask? The answer: Sex, Lies and AIDS."

"Congratulations for writing this magnificent book. I thank you on behalf of INP+ and all people living with HIV in India for presenting the correct scenario on AIDS in India."
ASHOK PILLAI, Indian Network for People Living with HIV/AIDS (INP+)

The End of Polio
The End of Polio
A Global Effort to End a Disease

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Siddharth Dube is a senior fellow of the World Policy Institute. A non-fiction writer and specialist commentator on poverty, public health, and development, his books include In the Land of Poverty: Memoirs of an Impoverished Indian Family, 1947-1997; Sex, Lies and AIDS; and the central essay to photographer Sebastião Salgado’s The End of Polio. >>

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